Born and raised in Calumet City, IL, Faith grew up in a large family. She was surrounded by her parents, 3 younger sisters, and 5 pets, so it’s no secret where her love of animals came from.She loves working at the animal hospital because it gives her a chance to learn something new every day. Getting to work with a staff member she enjoys being around isn’t a bad perk, either!Her most memorable story involves a dog that came into the animal hospital unable to walk. Faith was able to witness firsthand the bouts of laser therapy and acupuncture that the dog underwent for months. Eventually it all worked out, as the dog regained its ability to walk, leaving its owners thrilled. It’s stories like this that make her feel like she’s making a difference.When she’s not at the animal hospital, you can find Faith at home playing with her 5 pets, (she has 2 dogs and 3 cats) or watching animal surgeries on YouTube. She is also a huge fan of meeting the artists and band members of concerts she attends. She fondly recalls a time when was pulled on stage and actually got to sing with the band!